Duck a l'Orange


One of the tenents of Wikipedia is that one shouldn't edit articles where one has a conflict of interest. Administrator Orangemike spends part of his his time on wikipedia prowling the back lanes of wikipedia rooting out any accounts that may be promotional or that may be representative of some company or organisation. Once found Orangemike wields the ban hammer with glee. All well a good, we can't have organisations writing their own stories after all. However, Orangemike has one big conflict of interest of his own, which he ignores when creating Wikipedia articles. What's sauce for the goose, is definitely NOT sauce for the gander when it comes to Orangemike's own editing habits


Orangemike is a politically active Democrat, having stood for office on the Democratic ticket for the Tennessee state house of representatives (lost), and a delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Wisconsin in 2004 (when they got trashed by a Chimp). He is also a member of the socialist Industrial Workers of the World. So who better than Orangemike to create stub articles that will never be expanded on old socialist Democrats who got elected in the early 1900s examples of which are.



All laudable recordings of the working people in the legislature and a minor breach of wikipedia's COI principles that Orangemike vigorously upholds even when the COI is admitted and the person with the COI tries to do the right thing.


However, Orangemike's COI has a darker side. What Orangemike likes to do is trash Republicans. He creates articles on Republican politicians that have had motoring offences, or whose main claim to notability is that they were once described as a "Lawmaker Who Just Takes Up Space". Otherwise he is creating articles to re-fight the 2011 Wisconsin recall elections using wikipedia as a proxy.


The hypocritical Orangemike looks both ways when it comes to writing Conflict of Interest articles.