Jimmy Wales

Although he likes to claim that he is the sole founder of Wikipedia, he is actually the co-founder.

The wit and wisdom of Jimmy Wales.

The Rise and Fail of Jimmy Wales

Actually as the Rise of Jimmy Wales and wikipedia is well known, this is about the Fail. Or rather how Jimmy is being sidestepped as an irrelvant old fart by the young teens that have come to dominate the site.



This is a story of a minor figure being hazed by Wikipedia bullies and cretins, aided and abetted by Jimmy Wales himself.


There is a threshold of 'notability' for inclusion of an article on an item, event, subject, or person, within Wikipedia. The threshold isn't particularly high and almost anything can cross it if there have been more than one or two published articles that mention the subject. The result is that there are entries for every "My Little Pony" characters, and then some. The obsessiveness stretches to articles of almost every synagogue that ever there was, and no doubt in time every Mosque too. If they could they'd have an article on every school's senior football team too, but some years ago that was considered to be a step too far. Still it doesn't take much for a Wikipedia page to be written about something, and that article will become the first search result returned by Google or some other search engine.


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