No jabs, no school says Labour MP

Children who have not received all their vaccinations should not be allowed to start school, a Labour MP has suggested.

Speaking in the left-wing Fabian Society magazine, Mary Creagh said the move would increase the uptake of the controversial MMR vaccine.

In the same article however Dr Hamish Meldrum British Medical Association chairman, said “A Stalinist approach like this would be likely to backfire on an unprecedented scale and increase opposition to vaccinations”.

Unfortunately he may be right. These anti-vaccine groups like creationists will stop at nothing to promulgate their ignorance of science. Any whiff of compulsion about vaccinations will only give rise to accusations of conspiracy.

These people need to be confronted wherever they appear and given a good slap. A good debunking site is The Millenium Project, clicking on the image in this post will take you to more images.

The image itself comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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