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Theresa May is not well

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Theresa May addresses officers, originally uploaded by ukhomeoffice.

Mrs May says she authorised the relaxation of some checks on children from the EU travelling in groups and on biometric passports of EU citizens under “limited circumstances” at peak times

Queues are mathematically well behaved, they are modelled, and simulated. Any one that has anything to do with queues knows the average wait per user moving through the system. Airports and Ferry terminals have a known throughput of passengers, 20 extra Jumbo Jets full of passengers don’t just arrive unannounced. That doesn’t happen. So any queue and the waiting time is pre-planned by the Government that manages the service desks (or passport checks). It appears that Mrs May thinks that it is acceptable to have us waiting for hours in line, because her department is too mean to man the desks properly.

Theresa May once said that the Tory Party was known as the Nasty Party, in the intervening years she appears to have added Cheap to that sobriquet.

Identity and Passport Service has ‘custom built’ its own database

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Hillier, Minister at the Department for Work and Pension’s, said that the controversial ID scheme has ‘Jerry built’ three databases. “There is the one that holds the fingerprints and facial image, the biometric data, and then the other information which is broadly what is on your passport already and the third bit is the one that links the two,” she said.

In most system this would be separate tables in one database; not three separate databases. Is it any wonder that Governement employees are busily dumping data from database onto data sticks, which they then lose?

She also said that what was important about the identity card was the chip and suggested that in the future it may be possible to install the chip in another device. I suggest that we chip all MPs and RFID tag them too. If after 50 years we can see a decrease in MP criminality we can consider rolling it out to the larger population.

Story from Kable.

‘Captain’ Scarlet explains

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009
Scarlett explains

Scarlett explains

So apparently the claim in the September 2002 dossier that Iraq could use WMD within 45 minutes of Saddam’s order

“There was absolutely no conscious intention to manipulate the language or to obfuscate or to create a misunderstanding as to what this might refer to.”

besides as everyone now knows the claim was made by an unimpeachable source Mysteron Agent taxi cab driver #007-THRUSH.

Designed by Arseholes used by Cunts

Monday, November 30th, 2009


The face of a cunt

The face of a cunt

Alan Johnson parades the new ID card that is being rolled out in Manchester. The expectation is the students whose grants are delayed due to governmental incompetence, will fork out £30 in order to buy beer in bars.

Note that the card he is flashing is a fake, the bastard can’t even sign himself up for a real one.

UK Government unveils ID card

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Naturally they have fucked it up from the start. This isn’t designed to be a card for some white middle class lass, oh no. This is a card specifically designed for someone with black skin, more than likely male, and with a name akin to Mohammed or Ishmael.


Then and Now

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

In answer to a question from Christopher Price MP, Home Secretary Merlyn Rees said that under the control of the Metropolitan Police there are nine closed-circuit television cameras on fixed sites used mainly for crowd and traffic control.

Mr Rees added: "The Home Office has asked chief officers to satisfy themselves that the use of surveillance equipment is justified in all circumstances and is authorised at an appropriately senior level in the force. Chief officers are well aware of the sensitivity of material obtained in this way’.

Hansard 27/11/1978

Surveillance not to be used to catch litter droppers

Council leaders have been warned this week to stop using surveillance equipment to crack down on “trivial” matters such as “dog fouling and littering”.

In a letter sent to councils this week, Sir Simon Milton, Conservative chairman of the Local Government Association (LGA) called on authorities to undertake an urgent review of surveillance operations carried out under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA).

The letter stated that powers in the Act should only be used after “careful consideration” and that the required operations are “necessary and proportionate to prevent or detect a criminal offence”, as stipulated in the Act

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