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Thatcher 0 Foot 1

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Back in the early 1980s at Trade Union Workshops and political conferences the battle cry was “Nationalize the Banks”. The TGWU and many other Unions had policy documents on the subject, and it was eventually roled out in the Labour Party’s manifesto for the 1983 General Election:

Finance for industry

It is essential that industry has the finance it needs to support our plans for increased investment. Our proposals are set out in full in our Conference statement, The Financial Institutions. We will:

  • Establish a National Investment Bank to put new resources from private institutions and from the government – including North Sea oil revenues – on a large scale into our industrial priorities. The bank will attract and channel savings, by agreement, in a way that guarantees these savings and improves the quality of investment in the UK.
  • Exercise, through the Bank of England, much closer direct control over bank lending. Agreed development plans will be concluded with the banks and other financial institutions.
  • Create a public bank operating through post offices, by merging the National Girobank, National Savings Bank and the Paymaster General’s Office.
  • Set up a Securities Commission to regulate the institutions and markets of the City, including Lloyds, within a clear statutory framework.
  • Introduce a new Pension Schemes Act to strengthen members’ rights in occupational pension schemes, clarify the role of trustees, and give members a right to equal representation, through their trade unions, on controlling bodies of the schemes.
  • Set up a tripartite investment monitoring agency to advise trustees and encourage improvements in investment practices and strategies.

We expect the major clearing banks to co operate with us fully on these reforms, in the national interest. However, should they fail to do so, we shall stand ready to take one or more of them into public ownership. This will not in any way affect the integrity of customers’ deposits.

Of course Thatcher had had her war in the Falklands, and romped to victory. The result being 7 more years of class war and the deregulation of the financial system.

Today “The government is to pump billions of pounds of taxpayers money into three UK banks in one of the UK’s biggest nationalisations.” and all the free market deregulators are whooping for joy.

Cameron: The man with a plan

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Three Card Monte

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Today at the Tory Party conference David Cameron has described himself as “a man with a plan”

He’s a man
With a plan
Got a counterfeit dollar in his hand
He’s misstra know-it-all

Playin’ hard
Talkin’ fast
Makin’ sure that he won’t be the last
He’s misstra know-it-all

Makes a deal
With a smile
Knowin’ all the time that his lie’s a mile
He’s misstra know-it-all

Must be seen
There’s no doubt
He’s the coolest one with the biggest mouth
He’s misstra know-it-all

If we had less of him
Don’t you know we’d have a better land
He’s misstra know-it-all

So give a hand to the man
Although you’ve given out as much as you can
He’s misstra know-it-all

Check his sound out
He’ll tell it all
You talk too much you worry me to death
He’s misstra know-it-all

Stevie Wonder He’s Misstra Know – It – All

When you rhyme a sound bite it pays to think through what the rhyme reminds one of. Nice one Davey.

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