Discovery of Amazon Tribe

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Ten days ago news was released of the discovery of a tribe of Amzonian Indians in rainforest in the state of Acre in Western Brazil.

The last tribe to be contacted were the Murunahua tribe in neighbouring Peru, 50% of which subsequently died of colds and other illnesses.

With modern society on their doorstep the clock cannot be turned back, but they should be allowed the time and space to decide how and when they will interact with the 21st century. To that end they need to be protected from loggers, gas and oil speculators, and Evangelical Christians.

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  1. Jake Stein Says:

    This has only been touched on so I thought I would bring it up. Anthropologists have been trying to contact many of these tribes in the Amazon for years. What they have discovered is that THESE PEOPLE WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH US. The isolation is self imposed. For more on this subject, check out Amazon Tribes Just my 2 cents.

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