Theresa May is not well

Theresa May addresses officers, originally uploaded by ukhomeoffice.

Mrs May says she authorised the relaxation of some checks on children from the EU travelling in groups and on biometric passports of EU citizens under “limited circumstances” at peak times

Queues are mathematically well behaved, they are modelled, and simulated. Any one that has anything to do with queues knows the average wait per user moving through the system. Airports and Ferry terminals have a known throughput of passengers, 20 extra Jumbo Jets full of passengers don’t just arrive unannounced. That doesn’t happen. So any queue and the waiting time is pre-planned by the Government that manages the service desks (or passport checks). It appears that Mrs May thinks that it is acceptable to have us waiting for hours in line, because her department is too mean to man the desks properly.

Theresa May once said that the Tory Party was known as the Nasty Party, in the intervening years she appears to have added Cheap to that sobriquet.

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